Tuesday, 5 October 2010


As I have reached the 50%-point of my comic project I would like to invite you to a small contest. The prize is a nicely framed and signed frame from the comic. All you have to do is choose one frame and motivate your choice in one sentence under this post. The best motivation wins. Easy as a pancake? Right!

The deadline is midnight (CET) and the winner will be announced tomorrow at 12 p.m.

Good luck.


  1. Hi Dennis,

    As no one else has taken up the challenge yet, here are my 5 favourite frames so far :

    006 - I just think the tiny baby you is so cute, especially wearing the glasses.
    055 - The abandoned city dream sequence is pretty spooky, and I love how your great grandfather has no features here, as devoid of life as the city he stumbles through.
    067 - The cityscape of Petersburgh is an intricate, architectural joy.
    152 - Sweetest Jimi Hendrix EVER.

    But you want to know my single favourite frame, so it's... 098 - The picture of your mum, sitting on a park bench, engrossed in her book. I love how she's so isolated, as if the rest of the world has ceased to exist for her, but so untouched by this, safe in her secret dreamworld.

    Congratulations on making it halfway, and good luck for the rest! As it's an experimental piece, do you have any idea where it's going yet, or do you just have a range of possibilities to choose from on a daily basis? Either way, it will be interesting to see.



  2. Hi Karl!

    Thank you for your kind comment. You are the winner :) Email me your address so I can send you the frame.

    As to your question. No, I don't have a clue of where the story will go. This project is constantly on my mind and I think a lot of the stories I've heard in my family. There are so many possible directions to choose from. It's all very spontaneous. Anyway, I'm glad you like it.

    Best wishes.